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Got Meat?

Rubbed, smoked and handcrafted.

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What We Offer

Smoked meat for catering private parties, weddings, corporate gatherings and meal prep. Delivered or made on site, we will cook for you and your guest. ALL items can be seasoned with no sugar if requested.

We serve OC/LA/IE.

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Owner: Steve Thompson



Smoked Brisket: Smoked Brisket is the national dish of Texas, it is also a cut of meat, made up of two sides, the point end and the flat end. Smoked brisket takes approximately 6-9 hours and two hours to rest before serving. Seasoned with Lavadust, which contains no sugar or glucose. You can find Lavadust at

Smoked Tri Tip: Smoked Tri Tip is an everyday dish for the average cooker. I smoke my Tri Tip for approximately 2 hours and reverse seared. I will prepare to your preference, medium or well done.



Pork shoulder: I smoke the shoulder for approximately 8-10 hours (depending the size and then wrap for 2 hours. This creates a crispy and caramelized bark on the outside and a juicy, smoky flavor inside.


Baby Back ribs (My favorite): I personally like the 3-2-1 style. I smoke low and slow. The meat falls right off the bone. If you want a little pull on the ribs, you can also request that but I personally like ALL the meat!!!



Chicken: Stuffed (with Boursin cheese) smoked chicken breast. Brined, seasoned and smoked for approximately 2 hours.


Sides: BBQ beans with bacon (can add brisket or pulled pork) and Mac N Cheese.


 All of our meats and sides are cooked using Traeger 1300's. Each type of meat requires a different type of wood pellet. The smoke penetrates the meat, breaking down the fats to produce a juicy buttery texture. The smoke adds a flavor no other cooker can do. 


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Apex_BBQ (Instagram)


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